Rencontres / FORUM ALPINUM 2018

Les 4-5 et 6 juin s’est tenu le  « Forum Alpinum », organisé par ISCAR et Convention Alpine, en Autriche.

Lundi 4 juin, Caterina Franco  a présenté son travail intitulé « The construction of a landscape for tourism. The role of water in the creation of high altitude ski resorts in the French-Italian Alps (1950-1980) ».

Résumé :

The proposed contribution is part of a research activity for a PhD Thesis in Architecture, still under preparation. It deals with the role that water had in the construction of high altitude ski resorts in the
French-Italian Alps, after the second World War. Indeed, when new tourist centers were designed and built on a virgin soil, new strategies had to be found and new infrastructure had to be built to provide water for the service of the new settlement, located sometimes higher than the sources or far from them, and generally in areas that were before uninhabited. We thus question water as an element that played a role in the construction of new tourist centers, exploring two hypotheses. On one side, the hydrographic asset of the site influenced the planning of new infrastructure; on the other side, the design and construction of the new settlements turned out to be a process of modification of a landscape, in its natural and anthropic components.
We focus on the case study of Chamrousse, in the French Alps and on the case study of Pila, in the Italian Alps. Through an archival research and using cartography and drawing as tools, we will retrace the trajectory of the construction and modification of water infrastructure, from the creation of the new settlements till the late years, when the need of water augmented due to the necessity of fabrication of artificial snow. Finally, the comprehension of the historical process is seen as a fundamental step to understand the actual asset of a territory, and to point out potentialities and vulnerabilities of it.

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